Face Oil - Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml

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Award-winning natural and organic anti-ageing face oil, scientifically proven with outstanding results.

Independent Scientific Tests found reveal a significant rise of over 60% in skin hydration after just one application, and continued for 24 hours. That's all through the night and the following day!

A favourite of beauty journalists, this face oil is packed with a fantastic fusion of natural and organic anti-ageing ingredients, including organic rosehip oil, hand-picked from the wild bushes at the foothills of the Chilean Andes and cold-pressed to preserve its nutrient content.

The organic rose is ethically traded and grown by community co-operative farming. The buds are gathered by hand just before sunrise, when the life force of the rose is at its most potent.

Suitable for all skin types.

Natural and organic skincare

No parabens no petrochemicals no artificial perfumes.

"We love Nourishing Night Treatment" YOU magazine

Award Winner Green Beauty Bible

Best Buy The Independent


Award-winning Nourishing Night Treatment anti-ageing face oil has been been independently scientifically tested with the following results:

  • Over 60% increase in skin hydration in just 30 minutes*
  • 24 hour hydration*

*Independent Scientific Tests


The potent natural and organic ingredients are sourced from the finest growers around the world. These include organic rosehip seed, organic evening primrose, organic jojoba, organic rose, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, organic palma rosa, organic ylang ylang, organic neroli, frankincense, jasmine and vitamin E.


100% natural.

All our skincare contains no parabens, no petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes.


"I have used the Nourishing Night Treatment Facial Oil for about 3 years now, and can honestly say I can't be without it. On occasions when I have run out, my skin has become dull and dehydrated. Within a day of using those few precious drops, my skin glows with health once more. So many people have commented on my skin since I have been using this. I used to be a skin product junkie, but this one is for keeps. I am 33, and have abused my skin a bit in the sun, but I have no wrinkles or dry lines, and I put that down to daily use of this oil. It smells great and it lasts for ages too. Great product, great value. Thanks!! Customer, K Oliver

"Just to say that your skin oil/night treatment is the best blended mix I've ever used. I am a retired aromatherapist/masseuse and currently live in Spain.  I used to custom mix my own oils for both my clients and my own personal use, but out here it's quite difficult to find high quality oils.  Since trying your oil, I am a convert! Customer, V Harmen

"The Nourishing Night Treatment does wonders for your skin. In the first week you will notice how soft and hydrated your face is. I could not imagine being without it now, it must be addictive! You may think it is expensive, but not so. The bottle will last up to six months, you only need a few drops each night. WORTH EVERY PENNY." Customer, P Whittam

"Just received my "umpteenth" Night Treatment. Been using it for years - nothing comes near it - use it night (and day). It's like liquid silk on the skin!" Customer, M Miles

"Nothing on the planet that I have tried gives my skin such radiance. The smell is divine beyond words and it promotess a sense of comfort and luxury. My friends have bought it because they had to know what I used on my skin. Thank you for this wonderful product." Customer, L Treble


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