Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml
Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml
Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml
Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml
Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml

Nourishing Night Treatment 50ml

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This multi award winning natural and organic anti-ageing face oil is proven to significantly increase skin hydration* - the key to younger looking skin.

*Independent Scientific Tests found reveal an outstanding increase of over 60% in skin hydration after just one application of Nourishing Night Treatment - which then continued to hydrate skin for 24 hours 😍

This beautiful Nourishing Night Treatment Face OIl is packed with a fusion of the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, including organic cold pressed rosehip oil, organic rose handpicked at dawn and organic high altitude lavender from Provence.

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Natural and organic skincare
  • No parabens no petrochemicals no artificial perfumes.

"We love Nourishing Night Treatment" YOU magazine


  • Attracta Award
  • Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible
  • Ultimate Beauty Bible
  • Green Beauty Bible 
BENEFITS: Award-winning Nourishing Night Treatment anti-ageing face oil has been been independently scientifically tested with the following stunning results:
    • Over 60% increase in skin hydration in just 30 minutes*
    • 24 hour hydration*

*Independent Scientific Tests

KEY INGREDIENTS: The potent natural and organic ingredients are sourced from the finest growers around the world. These include organic rosehip seed, organic evening primrose, organic jojoba, organic rose, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, organic palma rosa, organic ylang ylang, organic neroli, organic frankincense, organic jasmine and natural vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

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B Lyndhurst

My skin has always been dry to very dry, and I stupidly took full advantage of our (for once) glorious UK summer without much sunscreen >.<. It's now mid October and all of a sudden my face went like a dried out, over baked potato. Everything I had been using was stinging my face and making it sore. I replaced all my face products, including wash and toner, with the Avene Hydrance range, which helped hugely, but still wasn't quite enough. I found this amazing AD facial oil and in desperation bought the small 15ml bottle to try. On the first application my skin drank it up, and although I was doubtful about the claims, I actually saw my forehead creases smoothing out! The next morning my face definitely looked plumper and felt so much calmer and hydrated. My under eye wrinkles are also a lot more hydrated and therefore looking a bit smoother, my red cheeks are evening out and my lips are also less dry. I have been using it for only 3 days! I use it night and morning over my Avene serum (and sunscreen!), and my face no longer feels tight, sore and dehydrated. I can't find a full ingredient list, but whatever is in this oil is working wonders for me, and I will be buying the larger size bottle. There is also a duo on QVC which works out a lot cheaper if you can afford the investment. The moral of my story: If you get nothing else from my review, at the very least buy some good facial sunscreen. Your skin will thank you ! :)

J. Daly
Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness! A friend told me about the night treatment oil, I've been using it for two weeks and it is fab! So good that I just HAD to buy the moisturiser which is also beyond wonderful. I am now a convert to AD skin synergy and won't be using anything else. Now to try the rest of the range....

K. Roberts
Nothing compares to this

Having been in the beauty business for 10years I have tried everything from A-Z but nothing compares to this. My skin has never looked or felt better, like velvet. I would be devastated if these products were deleted!

M. Fisher
I have tried all the expensive products out there - none of them come close

I have tried all the expensive products out there including those which say they are made only from natural plant extracts, but none of them come close to the amazing skin your products have given me. Because your products are economical and last for a long time I, wrongly, thought that the more expensive products would deliver better results. How wrong I was. My skin, which is very sensitive, just loves your products and the anti-ageing effects are better than the more expensive brands. At the moment I am having to apply a chemotherapy cream on a from of non-melanoma cancer on my face and I had no hesitation in using your products after the other cream had sunk in. I think that says it all really.

L. Treble
Thank you for this wonderful product.

Nothing on the planet that I have tried gives my skin such radiance. The smell is divine beyond words and it promotes a sense of comfort and luxury. My friends have bought it because they had to know what I used on my skin. Thank you for this wonderful product.