The ultimate natural Beauty Bible Award

The Ultimate Natrual Beauty Bible Award Winner

We're thrilled to announce Nourishing Night Treatment facial oil has won a coveted ultimate natural Beauty Bible Award scoring an outstanding 9.12/10

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible - products that really work - naturally

Tester's reviews:

  • 'My skin had a plumpness I've never experienced before, with a lovely, dewy appearance'
  • 'Face smoother and wrinkles on forehead less visible'
  • 'I now have the soft peachy skin of a newborn's bottom'
  • 'Soothing fragrance: I felt I slept better after applying it'
  • 'My boyfriend said it makes my skin look "glowy"'
  • 'Loved this: easy to apply; sinks into my oily/combination skin really fast'
  • 'Seems to last about nine months, so very good value for money'
  • 'A lovely foot treat, too, if you have a willing slave (sorry partner) to rub it in'


About the authors Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey:

Josephine Fairley is a Contributing Editor to the Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine, writing on beauty and organic living. She contributes to a very wide range of publications including Phychologies, Green Magazine, Waitrose Kitchen and Healthy. Jo is also founding partner of Green & Black's Organic Chocolate.

Sarah Stacey is an award-winning beauty and health writer, and currently Health Editor of The Mail on Sunday YOU magazine. She has written for many leading newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad.

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