Specially written for AD skin synergy

"With deep respect for the powers of nature and a passion for excellence, AD skin synergy is one of the finest natural skincare products in the world."

  • Always use a high protection sunscreen during the daylight hours to protect from free radical damage and that can make skin wrinkle and lose firmness.

  • Never go out in the midday sun. That's only for mad dogs and 19th century Englishmen.

  • Never shock your skin with extremes of temperature when cleansing.

  • Drink water all day long - at least two litres a day and make sure you use pure filtered spring water.

  • Cut almost all sugar and all those convenience foods out of your life forever. They encourage the development of Syndrome X (or insulin resistance syndrome) which can cause your skin to suffer, by becoming discoloured and saggy.

  • Eat deep water fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, wild salmon and herring. They are rich in Omega 3 - an essential fatty acid which protects your skin from dehydration and inflammation.

  • Protect yourself from TVs, VDUs, microwave ovens and mobile phones as much as you possibly can. Like sunlight, they can distort your DNA, cause free radical damage - oxidation, and produce skin that looks more alligator than human at an early age.

  • Care for your skin - it's alive and responds wonderfully to loving care. You really are worth it!

- Leslie Kenton