Beauty Bible Award

Beauty Bible Award - 100% Organic Essential Cleansing Balm 

Fantastic news - we've received another Beauty Bible Award - this time for our 100% Organic Cleansing Balm with 9 organic essential oils

Tester's reviews:

  • 'OMG it’s buttery and heavenly. Just the perfect consistency. It removed my mascara like a dream without having to use it several times. No more panda eyes. It did not sting at all. My skin felt so silky soft after each and every use. I felt moisturised and fresh as a daisy. A dream in a jar!'
  • ‘I really enjoyed using this product and it was good to have the opportunity to try a balm cleanser, rather than my regular wash cleanser.  I love the smell of the product, the essential oils remind me of a spa. I like using a muslin cloth with the product. A beautiful cleansing balm – like a spa in a jar’
  • ‘My skin glowed while I used this and my husband and friends noticed the difference. Knowing it was organic goodness in the product made it extra lovely to use'
  • 'It's strong enough to remove mascara – melts it off easily - and foundation, but so hydrating and smells amazing too. Plus, removing it with a hot linen cloth is both exfoliating and soothing. My face felt really clean, no trace of make-up on the pillows'
  • 'A great cleansing balm with an amazing scent. It took all my make-up off with very little effort. It was very easy to remove the cleanser.  I was surprised as the instructions said to use tepid water, whereas I've always used hot water with balm cleansers before. I thought it may leave a residue, but it didn't. I didn't feel the need to use toner afterwards.  There didn't appear to be any residue left on my skin.  I was very thorough with the muslin cloth. My skin was left feeling gently nourished and soft.  There was no tightening effect at all.  It felt gentle and moisturising'

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