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"Having been in the beauty business for 10 years I have tried everything from A-Z but nothing compares to this. My skin has never looked or felt better, like velvet. I would be devastated if these products were deleted!!!"
Customer, K. Roberts

"I have tried all the expensive products out there including those which say they are made only from natural plant extracts, but none of them come close to the amazing skin your products have given me. Because your products are economical and last for a long time I, wrongly, thought that the more expensive products would deliver better results. How wrong I was. My skin, which is very sensitive, just loves your products and the anti-ageing effects are better than the more expensive brands.

At the moment I am having to apply a chemotherapy cream on a form of non-melanoma skin cancer on my face and I had no hesitation in using your products after the other cream had sunk in. I think that says it all really."
Customer, M. Fisher

"I also find the wonderful aroma helps me sleep. My bedroom smells great too."
Customer, L. Kennard

"Oh my goodness! A friend told me about the night treatment oil, I've been using it for two weeks and it is fab! So good that I just HAD to buy the moisturiser which is also beyond wonderful. I am now a convert to AD skin synergy and won't be using anything else. Now to try the rest of the range......."
Customer, J. Daly


"I wanted to thank you very much. It really works. I was sceptical but after using it for a few days my wrinkles started to vanish. I really do look younger and will be using your products all the time now."
Customer, S. O'Connor

"I have been using the entire range of AD skin synergy for a year now and my skin has never looked or felt better. Even on the hottest days of the summer my skin still feels hydrated and comfortable. Not only that my skin feels super soft and has less fine lines and slackness than before. I have very sensitive skin but when using AD products my skin feels calm and settled. I adore it all and would never be without it."
Customer, J. Wray

"Over the years I have tried many lotions, and potions but skin can change, and become sensitive, and that's what happened to mine. This moisturiser is wonderful, I use it in the morning, and at night mixed together with a drop of Night Oil. It leaves my skin feeling calm, soft, and hydrated all day long. Thank you A D Synergy for such a lovely product, it's now one that I would not be without."
Customer, J. Charles

"Best products ever! I am in my fifties and over the years have tried many products claiming to be "organic" however on receipt of these items I have invariably found chemical nasties listed in the ingredients. What a pleasure to find a company that tells the truth. No bad chemicals here and wow how my skin loves all of the products. I have been a faithful follower for several years and will certainly continue."
Customer, G. Harrison

"I can highly recommend this skincare. I first purchased the oil and have now slowly converted to using just AD. The cleaning balm is another fabulous product and is a pleasure to use."
Customer, Brazier

"Fantastic cleansing balm and nourishing night treatment. My skin has never looked better since using both products over the last year. Friends have commented that I look younger and fresher and at 54 it has given me a real boost. I am haven't been well and my skin subsequently suffered with marked dryness and ageing lines but since using AD synergy the improvement in my skin is remarkable, much softer, lines less visible and glowing. All I can say is a massive thankyou for such fab products."
Customer, C. Wilkinson

"Just to say that your skin oil/night treatment is the best blended mix I have ever used.

I am a retired aromatherapist/masseuse and currently live in Spain. I used to custom mix my own oils for both my clients and my own personal use, but out here it's quite difficult to find high quality oils.

Since trying your oil, I am a convert! I've just ordered 4 more bottles."
Customer, V. Harman

"I'm using both the Essential Cleansing Balm and the Nourishing Night Treatment. I wish I had discovered these years ago. I've tried 12 professsional wash off cleansers and this is the best for my dry, sensitive, post menopausal skin. Your skin is so soft after using it.

I have used facial oils for 22yrs and this is the best. Others have been too rich and have left me with whiteheads and the dispenser is a dream as i'm inclined to be heavy handed with my anti-aging products. I've noticed my pores have closed since using it (only 2 days) and my red veins round round my nostrils have calmed down dramatically.

Your products are a dream for very dry, sensitive and 50+ skin. I have got fed up with buying professional products which dry my skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Customer, K. Ndyeh

"I am 66 years old and have always looked after my skin, good grooming and I used to work for a french cosmetic house many years ago. I think your products are absolutely wonderful. I have no lines on my face, and since using your products my skin is glowing and much softer. I look 15 years younger, thank you."
Customer, L. Limara

"I'm loving using your products and have recommended them to my friends and family.  Last week I had coffee in my local village with a young friend and she was commenting on how lovely my skin was and how she had tried so many products. I am 57 and she is 27. I felt really proud of my skin that is better now than when I was her age. I told her my secret and gave her your website details."
Customer, A. Sharp

"Thank you! This new airless pump is so simple and easy to use. I've been using Radiant Skin Moisturiser for a few years now and no longer use any other face moisturisers. Radiant Skin Moisturiser is very easily absorbed and leaves my skin so silky smooth. I've really noticed it's helped reduce my laughter lines. And I love the aroma of the essential oils. I highly recommend it."
Customer, L. Bolt

"Just received my "umpteenth" nourishing night treatment. Been using it for years - nothing comes near it - use it night (and day). It's like liquid silk on the skin!
Customer, M. Miles

"Best cream I have ever used. I first purchased the Travel Set, within two weeks or less of using the night treatment and radiant skin moisturiser my skin was exceptional. Excellent products, just ordered large sizes."
Customer, J. Williams

"Your eye cream is the best!" 
Customer, M. Forna

"I'm impressed with the ingredients (and also what's left out). The balm and oil are a pleasure to use and I feel, have improved the texture of my skin. The eye cream is the only cream that doesn't irritate and the moisturiser doesn't leave me with a shine. The products are simple to use and very effective."
Customer, P. Sage

"Love the rollerball eye cream - have definitely noticed a difference!" 
Customer, S. Scott

"I am impressed by the delivery, it arrived the next day after I made the order. I have used the prodcuts for more than a week now and my skin feels soft and radiant. I have made another order today as a gift for my mum and auntie."
Customer, H. Yee

"I have used the Nourishing Night Treatment for about 3 years now, and can honestly say I can't be without it. On occasions when I have run out, my skin has become dull and dehydrated. Within a day of using those few precious drops, my skin glows with health once more. So many people have commented on my skin since I have been using this. I used to be a skin product junkie, but this one is for keeps. I am 33, and have abused my skin a bit in the sun, but I have no wrinkles or dry lines, and I put that down to daily use of this oil. It smells great and it lasts for ages too. Great product, great value. Thanks!!"
Customer, K. Oliver

"The Nourishing Night Treatment does wonders for your skin. In the first week you will notice how soft and hydrated your face is. I could not imagine being without it now, it must be addictive! You may think it is expensive, but not so. The bottle will last up to six months, you only need a few drops each night. WORTH EVERY PENNY."
Customer, P. Whittam

"I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin; being black this has resulted in dark pigmentation scarring caused by breakouts and more breakouts caused by my product sensitivity. I'm always searching for the best results I can to help my skin and have probably tried every "natural branded" product on the market.

I never thought I would find even one product that made a difference to me, so a big thank you to AD Skin Synergy who not only offer me a hero product (your cleansing balm has changed my skin dramtically) but an entire hero range. I have tried all products except your eye cream which I will do in the future, but now I could not do without your cleansing balm and treatment oil which I use day and night. Your radiant moisturiser is a luxury I enjoy through the cold winters, leaves my skin balanced and no more dehydration lines from years of stripping agents for oily skin.

I've tried most products on the market and I finally feel the search is over."
Customer, S. Bandoo

"Nothing on the planet that I have tried gives my skin such radiance. The smell is divine beyond words and it promotes a sense of comfort and luxury. My friends have bought it because they had to know what I used on my skin. Thank you for this wonderful product."
Customer, L. Treble

"Simply the best day and night care I have ever used. I have been in the beauty business for 25 years and have used most high street and salon brands on the market and nothing comes close to this. At last a range that is simple and true to its word... all the hype is true... these products do exactly what they claim to do and so much more. Thank you."
Customer, S. Serlin

"The radiant skin moisturiser feels like pure indulgence, opening the jar and seeing such a delightful feels like dipping your fingers into some forbidden ice cream! I love it and so does my skin. Thank you."
Customer, S. Sivill

"I just wanted to say thank you for my order I received on Saturday morning, I was very impressed with your service and the muslin cloths are lovely (love the little pink ribbons). I look forward to ordering from you again."
Customer, C. Brownlee

"I am 46 years old and tried many skin products over the years and up until 12 months ago was using a combination of expensive American and French products. AD skin synergy beats them hands down. I have good skin to start with, but these products make my skin look WOW. The cleanser is wonderful and such a pleasure to use with the ease it removes makeup without scratching or dragging the skin. The day and night moisturisers are excellent - my skin is soft and superbly hydrated and has a dewey look.

My hero product though has to be the eye cream. I do have some fine lines around my eyes and this cream is like a magic spell. It is absorbed so well and within minutes of applying you can feel and see the effect.

I have quite bad lines appearing around my mouth, a family trait, and have found nothing that has helped to diminish these so due to the effect of the eye cream on my eyes I tried it around my lip area. WOW WOW WOW. Amazing effect - my lip lines were markedly reduced after a month of using. This is the only product that has achieved this. Don't think about getting these products JUST GO GET you will not be disappointed."
Customer, J. Robinson

"I bless the day I discovered AD Skin Synergy. I use it both morning and night, finding it absorbs quickly into the skin and is perfect under makeup. People are commenting on how wonderful my skin is looking. Thank you for producing a product that lives up to its claims."
Customer, B. Rash

"WOW !!!...I use it morning and night and it's all I use, it's fab ! My skin looks so much better! After using it for 3 months people at work asked how old I was and I told them to guess and they all said 26-30, not bad considering I am 46 !!!"
Customer, G. Allen

"I just had to write to say how much I love your products. I purchased the Cleansing Balm and Nourishing Night Treatment. In just four days I have noticed an improvement in my skin. It looks hydrated and fresh. I have in the past used all the expensive makes. You name it I have tried it! I am definitely going to be using your range in the future and also treating my daughter to the boxed gift set. Thank you so much."
Customer, C. Colson

"AD skin synergy products have been a revelation for me. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I've used many, many different products over the years including organic and paraben free but nothing compares to AD skin synergy. It's made a huge difference to my complexion - friends have commented on how well I look, pores are smaller, skin smoother. I can be confident the products are safe and of high quality, and it's really simple to use, unlike some products. I've finally found a skincare range that ticks all the boxes!"
Customer, A. Cowan

"I have been using AD skin synergy for a short while and just wanted to let you know how much I like the product. I've had a troublesome skin problem on my hand (eczema) which proved resistant to all the creams and ointments I tried. After using AD skin synergy Nourishing Night Treatment for a few days, it has completely cleared up! I will be sticking with this regime and have been recommending it to all who will listen!"
Customer, L. Clare

"Item received this morning, beautifully packaged, very speedy delivery and best of all you don't charge for postage. Fantastic service - all too rare these days. My compliments to your company."
Customer, J. Rushe

"I absolutely adore this oil. It smells divine and sinks into your skin immediately, not leaving it oily at all. My skin in the morning is beautifully soft. I'll be buying this as presents for everyone I know!!"
Customer, C. Morley

"I would just like to say how impressed I am with the speed of your service, and the beautiful presentation. Thanks again."
Customer, L. Thumwood

"I just want to praise your night treatment. I've been a "beauty junky" for about 25 years since my mum gave me my first moisturiser at 13, even my husband says I'm skincare obsessed and should have been a therapist! Anyway, your night treatment is one product that I would now never be without. Thanks!"
Customer, S. Macks-Kintyre

"Desert island product. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It is an absolute pleasure to use, it is economical as you do not need to use very much and it makes your skin look fantastic!!!!"
Customer, Sian

"Perfect Product! I was given this as a beautiful gift, from a very good friend! And have now been using it for only one month. My skin is incredibly soft, nourished and healthy. I use all three AD skin synergy products and these have made a massive different. I'm 16, and they have suited my young skin perfectly!"
Customer, C. Equianna

"Magnifique!!!! My product has just arrived with the postman - what delivery!!! Absolutely beautifully wrapped and now I can't wait to go to bed and it's only 10.45am!!! it's really cheered up a hot day - further words escape me. Thank you so much. And also thank The Independent for putting it on their 10 best feature as I don't bother with magazines."
Customer, S. Pethybridge

"These products are amazing - they leave my skin feeling soft all over and looking clear and radiant ! I have had loads of comments from friends about how great my skin looks now and would recommend it to everyone !"
Customer, S. Evans

"I have never felt so passionate about a product. I am 38 and use this product on its own every night. Without a doubt my skin is significantly better, fresher and younger looking. I bought it because someone said that it can help with cold sores and as a sufferer I was willing to give anything a go. My experience is that it does prevent them but so much more too and I love the feeling of going to bed at night knowing that AD Synergy is doing it's job as I sleep! There's no other product on the market like it."
Customer, F. Webb

"I have tried different moisturisers but was not satisfied with any until I tried AD skin synergy moisturiser and night oil. They are amazing products. My skin is very sensitive and as a result my cosmetic range is very very minimal. After trying these products even though I got a few pimples initially, I could feel my skin glowing and soft, I persevered with it and now there are no more pimples, just smooth, soft skin. Now my cosmetic range is minimal but has got the best and there is no need to look for any other!!!"
Customer, V. Vasi

"I have just started using your products cleanser, day moisturiser and nourishing night treatment. Fabulous my skin is softer and not so sensitive. "
Customer, R. Mason

"I would like to say that since using AD skin synergy my face is a lot softer & smoother, and the small fine lines near my eyes seem to be less, plus I love the smell. "
Customer, C. Prince

"Must have product! This product is amazing! I am 50 and find my skin is very dry, I've been using this treatment every night for about 6 months (same bottle) and when I wake in the morning my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised. The product smells gorgeous, is lovely to use and good value as you only need a small amount so it lasts for ages. Packaged prettily too so would make a lovely gift!"
Customer, A. Record

"A magic product. I am still using my first bottle which I bought nearly 6 months ago. Whilst on holiday in South Africa I used it every night which helped to stop the sun drying my skin. A wonderful product especially as I am 57 years old."
Customer, C. Wilson

"I have used Nourishing Night Treatment for at least 2 years now. I LOVE IT...but lacking in funds I thought I would try a cheaper brand of blended oils. My blemish free skin became blemised and dull looking very quickly. I returned to the Nourishing Night Treatment and within 2 days, yes 2 DAYS, there is an absolutely terrific amazing difference to my skin and the rash on my cheek has calmed significantly. I LOVE IT. I simply cannot say enough good things about Nourishing Night Treatment. "
Customer, B. Osborne

"I bought your product. It has completely changed my skin. I have had trouble with a thyroid problem and had to have radio active iodine treatment and the result was my once clear skin (I was always complimented on good skin) became patchy and dry. After using your beautiful oil I am back to how I used to be and everyone says how well I am looking again. Thank you so much for your help. By the way I am 45 yrs old and my skin looks years younger I'm often told."
Customer, E. McCartney

"Thank you so much for the moisturiser - it is an absolute joy to use. As for the cleanser, well, it is the closest I've come across to xx brand but without the chemicals! The texture is gorgeous, and the smell is bliss, & my skin is just so clean and fresh after. The oil is a "must have" & I use it very night AND morning - afternoon as well in the summer - it is also a conditioner on dry hair too. Thanks for such wonderful products."
Customer, T. Hardman

"I have been using the night treatment for 4 weeks now and am really impressed with it. My skin looks smoother and feels wonderful. I used to have a problem getting spots on my chin area but since using your product, I have not had one. I ordered the night treatment, as I was going on holiday to the Lake District and was going to be doing a lot of walking, I decided I need something good for my skin and decided on the spur of the moment to try your product. I had never used an oil before and thought it would be very greasy but as soon as I put in on, I thought it on I thought 'wow'. It felt good, and the smell was wonderful. I have also both new products - I love them both too."
Customer, E. Little

"I have just received my second bottle of your Nourishing Night Treatment. It arrived beautifully packaged just like the first one. I absolutely love this oil and will continue to use it for many more years to come. It is so good to discover a product that you love!"
Customer, M. Jeffery

"I so love this product and am so pleased that I can continue to use it in pregnancy. Many Many Thanks."
Customer, S. Odumosu

"I saw Nourishing Night Treatment had been given top marks in The Green Beauty Bible, so decided to give it a try. I ordered the Gift Set with the day moisturiser, cleansing balm and Nourishing Night Treatment. I was very pleased with all the products and will continue to use them."
Customer, S. Copp

"I think your products are great. Such a pleasure to use. When you use the cleansing balm you can feel your skin being nourished. I just love following my cleansing routine at night with the night treatment becuase it is so soothing and relaxing to the facial area. I just love it!! Thank you very much."
Customer, J. Bassford

"Amazing treatment all year round! I have problem skin which is combination but can be very dry in winter and oily in summer. I was out of stock of my "Night treatment" and was away for 2 weeks in which my skin took a turn for the worse! The first thing I did when I got back was order another bottle, its been only 3 days and my skin looks and feels great! Soft, smooth and balanced once again! I'm 27 yrs old and have tried many top salon brands in the past but nothing comes near to this treatment. Thank you."
Customer, A.H. Chaudhry

"I am writing to say Many Thanks for a unique skin care alternative: These are the best products I have used for my skin! And I have used MANY - from big salon based French Brands to most popular American Brands and rare expensive Brands...I decided to purchase AD Skin Synergy after recent discoveries about widely used preservatives (and other synthetic ingredients) in skin care products. It was a challenge at first switching over to preservative free all natural skin care, as most are not that effective.

But this is totally different, it not only rivals the big brands, but in my opinion it is much better. The overall effect is velvety soft skin with increased clarity, it also diminishes the fine lines, leaves the skin firm and supple and gives long lasting moisture. This is even before mentioning the beautiful aromatherapy smell that is consistent throughout the line. It is fuss free skin care - all three products can be used around the eyes. I was a bit worried if the oil is to heavy to use around the eyes, but - no, I haven't noticed any puffiness forming around the eyes.

I would recommend it to anyone - it is a wonderful line that delivers, a pleasure to use and with the added bonus of being totally natural and GOOD for your skin. Count me in as one of the biggest fans of AD Skin Synergy!"
Customer, E. Langdon