Key Ingredients

100% natural skincare, with an abundance of organic ingredients. No parabens, no petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes.

Organic Aloe Vera

- in radiant skin moisturiser

Organic Aloe Vera has wonderful moisturising and emollient properties, as well as an anti-ageing effect on the skin. Used for radiation dermatitis, roentgen dermatitis, burns, ulcers, etc. The Indians call the aloes 'wands of heaven' because of their wonderful medicinal powers. Legends say that it was the only plant which came direct from the Garden of Eden. According to legend, Socotrine Aloes was known to the Greeks as early as the 4th century B.C.; the Greek colonists were sent to the island by Alexandra the Great solely to preserve and cultivate the aloe plant. The drug was apparently known in England in the 10th century, and from the 17th century records of East India Company it would appear that they frequently purchased the whole stock of aloes of the "King of Socotra".

Organic Apricot Kernel oil

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This light oil is rich in linoleic acid and is readily absorbed into the skin. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Avocado oil

- in perfect eyes

A special fraction of Avocado oil that has skin regenerative properties.

Organic Beeswax

- in radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

The building frame of the beehive, which can be safely harvested with no harm to the bees or the hive. It is a complex and unique wax that has protective properties on the skin.

Organic Calendula

- in radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Calendula has traditionally been used for skin care in the Mediterranean regions to help preserve skin freshness, protect skin from over drying, and to help reduce sun-induced wrinkles and sun caused aging during summer time.

Calendula oil is good for all skin types, and is considered valuable for helping to treat skin damage such as wounds, burns, inflammation and other injuries as it is said to be an effective aid in tissue regeneration. Calendula is also tonic, soothing, restorative oil, good for any type of skin, but especially suitable for dry and/or aging skin.

When used regularly helps protect the skin from age related thinning and drying out.

Chitin and Beta Glucan

- in perfect eyes

This new skin soothing ingredient blend of 'Chitin and Beta Glucan' is extracted from microscopic mushrooms and is found to help restore the functional balance of dry and damaged (and mature) skin, reorganise skin elasticity and homogeneity, and rebuild healthy cell layers.

It also provides intensive moisturisation, and helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, perfect eyes

This nutritious emollient plant oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help to maintain the moisture barrier and is ideal to help soothe and protect dry skin. Used for centuries for its medicinal and nutritional benefits, Evening Primrose Oil is a key ingredient as there is now scientific evidence that supports its topical use in cosmetics and personal care products, as well as a dietary supplement.

One of the key benefits to be derived from Evening Primrose Oil is its ability to provide relief for inflammatory skin conditions. Ideal for use in cosmetics Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis), also known as Night Willow herb, is a biennial that grows to a little over three feet in height with flowers that open in the evening. Although originally found in North America, today it is naturalized throughout most of Europe and parts of Asia.

Not only does Evening Primrose Oil contain approximately 78% essential fatty acids (EFAs- without which the body cannot function properly), the balance of specific fatty acids it contains also makes it extremely beneficial for use in cosmetic and personal care products. The oil of the evening primrose is uniquely rich in linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids.  Generally speaking, EFAs such as linoleic acid promote healthy skin by nurturing the cells’ membranes and supporting their fluidity. The EFAs in Evening Primrose Oil are absolutely essential for maintaining the proper condition of the skin’s water barrier, which is critical to maintaining a healthy plush feel to the skin.

Frankinsence Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Rejuvenating, balancing, relaxing. Resinous tears extracted from the small bush native to Africa, Frankincense oil has a beautiful fragrance which has been used in religious ceremonies and as an aid to meditation for over 2000 years.

The action of Frankincense is deeply relaxing whilst uplifting the spirit. Of particular value in skincare because it has exceptional rejuvenative properties. Gives new life to ageing skin and reputedly smooths out wrinkles! A real tonic to the skin.


- in perfect eyes

Harvested from North American Larch Trees (Genus Larix), this mild, natural and highly functional polysaccharide is shown to have skin firming and tightening properties. Tests have shown that this material also helped to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improved moisturisation.

Inca Inchi Oil

- in perfect eyes

Inca Inchi Oil until recently was a carefully guarded legacy from the ancient Incas of Peru and is uniquely rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial in preserving the lipidic balance in the skin and so ideal for dry and sensitive skin areas.

It is cold pressed from the seeds that are grown in the Amazonian area of Peru according to traditional and organic methods. Due to its high content of Vitamin E, it helps to protect the skin by trapping destructive free radicals. Inca Inchi Oil is highly recommended for anti-ageing, regenerative and moisturising skin care.

Jasmine Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

The delicate white flowers of this climbing tree are picked at night when the aroma is most intense. Jasmine grows to about 20 feet and originates from Iran and Northern India.

The extraction process is a delicate one and demands great skill. Huge quantities are needed to produce the oil, making it very expensive. (The king of flower oils has long been used in love potions so powerful was its reputation as an aphrodisiac.)

A luxurious and highly effective balm and tonic for dry and sensitive skin though beneficial for all skin types. Increases skin elasticity and is often used to soften stretch marks.

Organic Jojoba Oil

- nourishing night treatment, essential cleansing balm

Its molecular structure, Jojoba oil mimics the action of sebum, which is the skins own natural lubricant. This versatile oil deep cleanses blocked pores, moisturises and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Relaxing, soothing, rejuvenating and antiseptic. Lavender grown at high altitudes exhibits the highest total ester content – 52% (linalyl, terpenyl, lavandulyl and geranyl acetates) which makes it the most relaxing of all the lavenders. This oil appears to have the ability to uplift the mind whilst being relaxing to the body.

Valuable for most skin conditions since it promotes growth of new cells and exerts a balancing action on sebum. It has a pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn and helpful in cases of eczema and psoriasis.

Lola Implexa Algae

- in perfect eyes

A special extract of Green Algae that is a player in mechanbiology and is shown to have myorelaxing action (ie decreases expression lines), stimulates collagen, replumps the skin, and moisturises skin in depth.

Mandarin peel extract

- in radiant skin moisturiser

Source of vitamin C and has skin firming properties.

Neroli Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Rejuvenating, relaxing and restoring: The name is said to originate from an Italian princess, Anne-Marie, Countess of Neroli, who used the oil as a perfume and scent her gloves and bathwater. Distilled from the freshly picked blossoms of the Orange tree. Orange flower petals have long been a feature of wedding bouquets to secure love. Marie Antoinette is said to have used it to improve her rather sallow skin.

A very expensive oil – it takes a great mass of flowers to make a thimbleful of oil.

Neroli is an excellent skincare oil helping with regeneration of skin cells and improving skin elasticity. Valuable for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Generally helpful for all skin conditions particularly thread veins and stretch marks. The beautiful fragrance is deeply relaxing to the mind.

Oat extract

- in radiant skin moisturiser

Oats are good for inflammations and rough skin. Helps soften the skin and is an exceptional healing poultice for the skin.

Black Oat extract

- in perfect eyes

The complex active agents in this unique black oat extract bind moisture to the skin and gives deep and long lasting hydration.

Organic Olive Oil

- in essential cleansing balm

This oil is legendary for its safe, gentle care and treatment of the skin. It is full of phytosterols, isoflavonoids and nourishing fatty acids. A protecting oil without equal for the skin.

Orange Seed Extract

- in radiant skin moisturiser

Source of vitamin C and has natural preservative powers.

Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Palmarosa oil moisturises the skin, while balancing the hydration levels and stimulating cell regeneration. It balances production of sebum, to keep the skin supple and elastic and is valuable for use with acne, dermatitis, rejuvenating and regenerating the skin.

Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea

- in perfect eyes

Rooibos is not a true tea, but a herb from the young shoots of Aspalanthus linearis, a South African shrub. This herb contains no caffeine and is used to supplement the daily intake of manganese, calcium, and fluoride. Aspalathin, a unique constituent of Aspalathus linearis, is one of the phenolics in rooibos responsible for the antioxidant activity, moreso than green tea and helps to protect the skin from ageing damage caused by free radicals.

Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Soothing and relaxing. The oil is distilled from the flowering heads of the plant to produce a beautiful pale blue oil with a sweet herbaceous fragrance. It is particularly beneficial in skincare to soothe sensitive, red, dry or itchy skin, eases puffiness and strengthens the tissues. Smooths out broken capillaries, improving skin elasticity.

Organic Rose Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Rejuvenating, relaxing, balancing. Rose essential oil was a constituent of the earliest cold cream, a recipe recorded by the Greek physician, Galen, in the second century. This beautifully feminine oil is excellent in skincare for dry, mature and ageing skin.

It gives a boost to tired, lifeless skin that is in need of rejuvenation. Its effects on the emotional system is uplifting, balancing and stabilizing, particularly during the monthly cycle. Its tonic and soothing quality is helpful for inflammation and a constricting action on the capillaries is a valuable treatment for broken thread veins.

Rose and Orange Flower

- in perfect eyes

A blend of Rose and Orange Flower water concentrates to give a soothing and refreshing aroma.

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

It has a delightful light rose perfume and a fresh green note. Said to balance sebum levels. Also good for sluggish, congested and oily skins and is a good skin cleanser.

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, perfect eyes

Our Rosehip Seed Oil is hand picked at dawn and cold-pressed to preserve its nutrient content. It is extracted from the seeds of a native rose plant which grows wild in Chile. The oil has been used by native people in Chile for centuries, and has only been validated by scientists fairly recently. The first major confirmation of its capabilities came in 1983, when the University of Santiago conducted research on 180 individuals. These tests studied people with extensive facial scarring, acne scarring, deep wrinkles, UV damage, radiation damage, burn scars, surgical scars, premature aging, dermatitis, and other skin related problems. 

In these tests, rosehip seed oil regenerated the skin, reduced scars and wrinkles, prevented the advancement of wrinkles and ageing, and helped skin to regain its natural colour and tone. Since this time, other universities and labs have also completed studies, also yielding positive results.

Rosehip seed oil contains Vitamin A, which helps to delay the effects of skin ageing, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity.  Rosehip seed oil also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which further promotes healthy skin. In addition, it is rich in Vitamin C and linoleic and linolenic acids, which are important skin nutrients.

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Rosemary and distilled water were the constituents of Hungary Water, a rejuvenating lotion named after Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, whose use of it kept her skin free from wrinkles.

Rosemary helps puffiness and swelling and can also be used for acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Seaweed (Carrageenan)

- in radiant skin moisturiser

Externally it is used as a lotion for dermatitis, demulcent which is said to soothe, soften, reduce irritation and protect the mucous membranes. People from the Irish coast mix it with milk. For a long time the product was sold in Ireland under the name of Carragheen, after the name of an Irish village located on the southern coast of Waterford.

Organic Sesame Oil

- in essential cleansing balm

Also known as gingilli oil, this oil has been known since earliest antiquity, from ancient Egypt to the Indian continent, as a soothing, gentle emollient. It is an extremely good substitute for olive oil and has excellent longevity in massage preparations.

Organic Shea Butter

- in radiant skin moisturiser, perfect eyes

Shea Butter has natural antioxidant properties and is said to contain a small quantity of allantoin which is renouned for its healing qualities. It is also said to protect the skin against external aggressions, and sunrays. It is an effective skin emollient and skin smoother.

Sodium Hyaluronate

- in radiant skin moisturiser, perfect eyes

Sodium Hyaluronate is the sodium salt of Hyaluronic acid. And our Sodium Hyaluronate is fermented from soy. In addition, there is no animal product involved at any step of the fermentation or recovery processes.

Sodium Hyaluronate is proven to have an anti-ageing effect in human clinical studies. Long-term application of sodium hyaluronate significantly increases skin elasticity, which leads to a reduction in skin roughness.

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Organic Soybean

- in essential cleansing balm

This oil is an excellent moisturiser full of phytosterols and unique fatty acids to protect and nourish the skin.

Organic Sunflower Oil

- in essential cleansing balm

An emollient oil, well tried and tested for generations in a wide variety of emulsions formulated for face and body products.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, perfect eyes

A natural anti-oxidant that helps to protect the skin from environmental oxidation and pollution, helping to protect against free radicals that can damage skin cells and break down precious skin lipids. It is the oldest and most respected of protective agents for the skin that has many years of safe and tested benefit.

Vitamin K1

- in perfect eyes

Vitamin K1 is an anti-haemorrhagic that is naturally occuring in Brocolli and found to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Witch Hazel

- in perfect eyes

Extracts of Witch Hazel leaves and bark have become a classic treatment for troubles affecting the veins, to strengthen the resistance of the small blood vessels which burst under the skin. In cosmetic products, Witch Hazel extract is used in various ways including to decrease bags under eyes and skin puffiness.

Witch hazel is regarded as one of natures best astringents and skin toners. It has been recognised in herbal medicine for many years for its skin soothing and refreshing properties.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

- in nourishing night treatment, radiant skin moisturiser, essential cleansing balm

Ylang Ylang is extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation. Ylang-ylang in the Malayan language means "flower of flowers." The scent is very sensual, sweet and reminiscent of almonds. It is mentally relaxing and soothing.

It is known to help relax facial muscles, and a massage with ylang-ylang helps to ease tension headaches.