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Our luxurious cleansing balm, a favourite with beauty journalists, is now 100% organic and includes organic calendula, organic beeswax and organic sunflower. It's also infused with fragrant oils including organic rose and melts away make-up and cleanses your skin leaving it beautifully clean, soft and refreshed.

Included with your order is a free 100% organic cotton muslin face cloth. When used together with our fabulous cleansing balm, it will not only improve skin circulation, but leave your skin perfectly exfoliated, toned and cleansed.

Suitable for all skin types.

Natural and organic skincare

no parabens no petrochemicals no artificial perfumes.

Voted 9/10 BRAND NEW YOU magazine

"One of the miracle-workers every woman should try"

Journalist Josephine Fairley

Ultimate cleanse! Essential Cleansing Balm melts away make-up and daily debris, leaving your skin deliciously clean and refreshed.

  • Exfoliates with a 100% organic muslin face cloth (included)
  • Gently cleanses and melts away make-up
  • Leaves skin clean, soft and refreshed

A set of 5 organic cotton muslin cloths is available to purchase. Please click here for more information.

The natural and organic ingredients and extracts include all the wonderful essential oils in our acclaimed nourishing night treatment, as well as organic calendula, organic beeswax, organic soya bean, organic jojoba, organic sunflower, organic sesame, organic olive oil, organic rose, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, organic palma rosa, organic ylang ylang, organic neroli, frankincense, jasmine and vitamin E.

100% natural.

All our skincare contains no parabens, no petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes.

"Thank you so much for the moisturiser - it is an absolute joy to use. As for the cleanser, well, it is the closest I've come across to xx brand but without the chemicals! The texture is gorgeous, and the smell is bliss, & my skin is just so clean and fresh after. The oil is a "must have" & I use it very night AND morning - afternoon as well in the summer - it is also a conditioner on dry hair too. Thanks for such wonderful products." Customer, T. Hardman

"I'm using both the Essential Cleansing Balm and the Nourishing Night Treatment. I wish I had discovered these years ago. I've tried 21 professional wash off cleansers and this is the best for my dry, sensitive, post menopausal skin. Your skin is so soft after using it.

I have used facial oils for 22 years and this is the best. Others have been too rich and have left me with whiteheads and the dispenser is a dream as I'm inclined to be heavy handed with my anti-aging products. I've noticed my pores have closed since using it (only 2 days) and my red veins round my nostrils have calmed down dramatically.

Your products are a dream for very dry, sensitive skin and 50+ skin. I have got fed up with buying professional products which dry my skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Customer, K.Ndyeh

"I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin; being black this has resulted in dark pigmentation scarring caused by breakouts an dmore breakouts caused by my product sensitivity. I'm always searching for the for the best results I can to help my skin and have probably tried every "naturally branded" product on the market.

I never thought I would find even one product that made a difference to me, so a big thank you to AD Skin Synergy who not only offer me a hero product (your cleansing balm has changed my skin dramatically) but an entire hero range. I have tried all products except your eye cream which I will do in the future, but now I could not do without your cleansing balm and treatment oil which I use day and night. Your radiant moisturiser is a luxury I enjoy through the cold winters, leaves my skin balanced and and no more dehydration lines from years of stripping agents for oily skin.

I have tried most products on the market and I finally feel the search is over." Customer, S. Bandoo 


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